Justi Imperial
Lower Posterior Card (1x8)
Justi Imperial Lower Posterior Card (1x8) - Click to enlarge

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Justi Imperial offers an incisal and interproximal blend that gives this beautiful line of teeth the unique ability to absorb and reflect surrounding color. This means more latitude for blending with natural teeth - resulting in less resets due to shade, especially in partial denture cases. For repairs, the Justi Imperial’s special interproximal blend is not only a time saver but a customer pleaser.

Justi Imperial anterior and posterior teeth are available in 22 Age Shades® - 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 35, 45, 50, 59, 60, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 77, 81 and 82. Justi Imperial molds include 44 upper anteriors, 13 lower anteriors, 25 upper and 25 lower posteriors. The tooth molds are available in graduated medium, normal and small sizes. They all have good labial anatomy and over-polishing is not a major concern. The most sophisticated aesthetics for full dentures can be achieved by using Types 9, 10 and 12 molds. They are specifically designed for minimum difficulty in full denture set up. Type 1 molds are great for partial work because they have a wide neck and almost parallel sides which provides for adequate gingival coverage. They also feature an extended range of sizes: three giant sizes (1G, 5G, 9G) and three tiny sizes (1T, 5T, 9T). There are also anatomically shaped lower molds; YL, VL, YS, VS and very large lowers such as Mold U.

The Justi Imperial posteriors are available in 33º, 20º,10º and 0º occlusal forms - also in all 22 shades. For the close bite case, which always requires additional grinding, there are three short sizes: 30S, 32S and 34S, which are short on the lingual and long on the buccal for good natural aesthetics. This feature is sought after by experienced denture technicians, and is virtually exclusive to the Justi Imperial line.

There are two different shade guides available for this tooth line. The Justi Imperial Maxillary Centrals Shade Guide in 12 shades can be customized with the name of your lab or clinic and a marketing message. The Justi Imperial Shade Guide holds all 22 shades of this beautiful tooth line, grouped by hue and numbered in accordance with the exclusive Age Shades® System. Both are packaged with an optically neutral, light blue frame, an Eterna shield and a Kroma Tab, which allows the technician to view the teeth on a neutral background. After use, it is recommended that the shade guide be disinfected by soaking in a Cidexplus® solution.

Justi Imperial teeth are made according to ANSI/ADA Specification #15 published in 1999 for artificial resin teeth. The teeth are photogenic, vacuum-processed and are 100% guaranteed to be bondable to methylmethacrylate denture base materials.

Mold Charts and single tooth samples are available upon request.
Justi Imperial Upper Posterior Card (1x8)
Justi Imperial
Upper Posterior Card (1x8)
Justi Imperial Upper Anterior Card (1x6)
Justi Imperial
Upper Anterior Card (1x6)
Justi Imperial Lower Anterior Card (1x6)
Justi Imperial
Lower Anterior Card (1x6)
Justi Imperial Working Mold Guide
Justi Imperial Working Mold Guide
Imperial Mold Chart - Hard Copy
Imperial Mold Chart
Hard Copy
Imperial Mold Chart - Free Download
Imperial Mold Chart
Free Download
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