High Tech Articulator
High Tech Articulator - Click to enlarge

Reg. Price: $196.06
Sale Price: $175.00
A lightweight anatomic articulator made of die-cast aluminum. This quality instrument has many ease-of-use design features for a quick and accurate model fixation. The 5032 high-Tech articulator is designed to work seamlessly with the 5020 “Easy Bow” facebow transfer system.

  • Adjustable back rod by registration screw without incisal rod by keeing constant trajectories and inclinations during side and back/forth movements.
  • Automatic return to hinge axis wirth springs.
  • Anti-shock hinge rod in case articulator accidentally falls.
  • Big size lock screws for mounting plates.

English instructions brochure is included in box. Made by ASA for ATI.

2 Spacers
2 Magnetic mounting plates
2 Long screws for plates
2 Short screws for plates
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