Study Model Kit (1 lb)
Study Model Kit (1 lb) - Click to enlarge

Reg. Price: $60.60
Sale Price: $42.18
A methyl methacrylate self-curing material that can be poured into a silicone or rubber mold with a recommended technique that will duplicate the model in an off-white/cream color. It can be used for fabricating study model cases that emphasize the appliance rather than the model. This material can be used for many other applications where an off-white resin is needed with an autopolymerization system. Cure time is approximately 20 minutes in open air. Pressure pot technique is recommended for a more compact, dense model.

Contains: 1 lb. powder (450 gr.) and 8 oz. Liquid (240 ml.)
Study Model Kit (5 lb)
Study Model Kit (5 lb)
Study Model Powder (1 lb)
Study Model Powder (1 lb / 450 gr)
Study Model Liquid (8 oz)
Study Model Liquid (8 oz / 240ml)
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