Justi Milling & Polishing Cream
3 oz. tube
Justi Milling & Polishing Cream - 3 oz. tube - Click to enlarge

Reg. Price: $28.51
Sale Price: $19.00
An all-purpose cream for milling, finishing and intra-oral polishing of porcelain and acrylic materials. It is pleasant tasting and is pink in color. Excellent for composites and all types of laminates.

Justi Milling and Polishing Cream has many uses, for instance:
  • Final occlusal refinement of plastic teeth as a milling media.
  • Removal of residual plaster from cervical and interproximal areas of all plastic dentures.
  • Finishing of cast metal restorations.
  • Removal of adhering plaster from tissue surface side of plastic dentures.
  • At-the-chair polishing of any plastic restoration.
  • Finishing of amalgam fillings and gold inlays in the mouth.
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