Pozzi Super Tray Kit
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The Pozzi Super Tray system is designed to produce fine quality and accurate full dentures and immediate denture impressions. With the Pozzi system you no longer need to make a custom tray because Pozzi trays are custom trays - ready to use. These trays are easy to handle; you do not need to learn special techniques. You need only apply the procedures that you use with a lab-made custom tray.

Advantages: (1) Much more economical than a custom tray (save time and money). (2) Less expensive than disposable trays. Reusable and can be sterilized. (3) Rough retentive surface excludes the use of adhesives. (4) Statistically selected system, packaged in an easy to choose kit.

Characteristics: (1) Designed to provide consistent retromolar pad coverage. This prevents errors in applying too much pressure to this area which is extremely important for the final fitting of the prosthetic appliance. (2) Trays are exceptionally strong and rigid but lightweight and can be modified by trimming for special needs. (3) Can be used with any type of impression material. We suggest the use of silicones like our Major® Ormadent Putty and Ormaplus and a very creamy alginate like our Major Alginmax. (4) Professionally designed with complete anatomic detail. (5) Hand Finished.

Composition: Reusable transparent dark brown Polycarbonate.

Technique: No particular technique is suggested. The Pozzi Super Tray System consists of accurate ready-made custom trays. A caliper is available for measuring the distance between ridges in the patientís mouth or in existing dentures. It helps to expedite proper tray selection.

Kit contains: 15 Lower Trays, 9 Upper Trays, & 1 Caliper
Alginmax Box of 4 -1 lb. Bags
Box of 4 -1 lb. Bags
Justi Caliper
Justi Caliper
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